Lactation Resources

The Lactation Advocacy Committee is an ad hoc, widely represented, campus committee of employees and students who are passionate lactation advocates. All U of M employees and students who have an interest in creating a supportive campus environment for breastfeeding university community members are welcome to join. For further information, please visit the link below.

Master List of U of M Campus Lactation Rooms: The Lactation Advocacy Committee has created this list of rooms to assist all campus community members and visitors in need of private rooms to pump or nurse.  All rooms listed have agreed to be available to all students, staff, faculty, and visitor according to the use procedures outlined on the form.

La Leche League:  International organization promoting breast feeding and providing supportive services for breast feeding mothers. For the regional chapter of La Leche League visit the link below.

Women’s Health.Gov: Comprehensive government sponsored site with tips for first time moms, lactation advocates, and other professionals.