About Us

Raising Two Generations Out of Poverty One Degree at a Time

Founded in 1967 as the HELP (Higher Education for Low Income People) Center to serve all under-represented University of Minnesota, Undergraduate students and transitioning to serving undergraduates with children exclusively in 1984, the SPHC is the longest standing, student parent program in the nation. For more than six decades, the SPHC has been assisting hundreds of mothers and fathers in achieving their dream of a college degree. Though our largest population of student parents has typically been single mothers, we have a long history of serving all parenting undergraduates: moms, dads, and adoptive siblings and other relatives.

The SPHC is also active nationally, advocating for all student parents by participating in policy work groups, mentoring newly formed student parent programs and co-founding two higher education organizations for student parent, program personnel, the NASPA Adult Learners and Students with Children Knowledge Community and HEAASC, the Higher Education Alliance for Students with Children. We are also active across our own University of Minnesota campus, advocating for campus-based lactation resources and other family friendly practices.

In 2016, the SPHC began providing services to Graduate and Professional students with children. All SPHC programs and services are tailored to meet the specific needs of undergraduate and graduate students.  Please visit our home page for further details.