Family Friendly Events & Activities

Undergraduate Students

SPHC End of Year Party and Graduation Celebration
An internal program event for SPHC registered undergraduates who are graduating or have successfully completed another year in their journey toward degree completion. This is a family focused SPHC community celebration with child focused entertainment and activities, food and other surprises. These events are typically held on campus to provide a college experience for our second generation of little gophers.

SPHC Gifts for Little Gophers Holiday Assistance Program
Formerly Adopt a Family, this SPHC program has been providing gifts for undergraduate student parent families for four decades. Through the generosity of both campus and community based donors, Gifts for Little Gophers goes a long way toward easing the burden that often accompanies the double stressors of the holiday season and student finals. Non-denominational and open to all, Gifts for Little Gophers typically opens for student wish list submission in October and donor selection in early November.

SPHC Homecoming  Parade and Pizza Party
Each year SPHC staff, students and children celebrate Homecoming by marching in the parade together. This provides our group of non-traditional undergraduate students a Big Ten experience, while at the same time exposing the second generation to the fun of campus life.

Graduate Student and Professional

As of spring term 2018 the SPHC will be hosting a larger format graduate and professional student focused event, once each term. For this term's offering please refer to our home page, annoncement and events section.