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SPHC Research Study

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The Student Parent HELP Center has just concluded a large format, multi-year, third-party program evaluation conducted by Wilder Research. Study results show SPHC staff contact and program involvement have significant, positive impact on graduation and retention.

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Story Time with SPHC! (Sad story with a happy ending)

SPHC Spring 2021 Update

Please Note: The center (lounge, computer lab and staff offices) is currently closed. However, all staff are available and working remotely from home. We are taking emails at sphc@umn.edu. If you would like to talk to a staff member directly, see specific contact info below.

Undergraduate Student Parents: Please call Na king Xiong, Student Parent Counselor, at 612-399-6313, xiong496@umn.edu.

Graduate & Professional Student Parents: Please call Stephanie Lee, Student Parent Counselor, at 612-405-3553, lee01647@umn.edu

NOTE: Stephanie Lee is currently on maternity leave so if you're a graduate student parent with questions, please contact us at 612-626-6015 or sphc@umn.edu

For administrative, research, media or programming questions: Please call Susan Warfield, Program Director, at 651-340-1280, warfi002@umn.edu

Child Care Grants for Spring 2021

We will be offering our two childcare grants during the Spring 2021 semester. If you would like to be screened for eligibility, please contact the appropriate student parent counselor to set up an intake appointment.

Undergraduate Student Parent Counselor: Na king Xiong (612-399-6313 or xiong496@umn.edu)

Graduate/Professional Student Parent Counselor: Stephanie Lee: (612-405-3553 or lee01647@umn.edu)

NOTE: Stephanie Lee is currently on maternity leave so if you're a graduate student parent interested in getting screened for our child care grants, please contact us 612-626-6015 or sphc@umn.edu

Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr announced a gift from his Raise the Barr foundation to support research at the University of Minnesota’s Student Parent HELP Center (SPHC).

Student Experience with the SPHC

"I cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance with this. As I told Stephanie on the phone yesterday, your work and assistance to student parents is invaluable. I am a well-resourced, mid-30s graduate student with a planned pregnancy and ample personal, social, and financial support. Still, navigating pregnancy and parenting in the academy has proven to be more challenging than I could have ever guessed. After we spoke, I felt heard, validated, and like I had regained some sense of control/wasn't just lost in the sea of unanswered emails or dismissive responses. I hope that you both know how important your resources and supportive ears are for students of all ages and circumstances. If you ever need an advocate -- you've got one in me. "

(Teresa, Graduate Student)

Student Parent Help Center Community Spaces

Student Parent Help Center Lounge

Learn more about our undergraduate student parent lounge, computer lab, and community space for students on campus.

Undergraduate Child Care Assistance Grants and Other Funding

Grants & Scholarships

Look here for undergraduate based child-care assistance grants, scholarships, and emergency assistance funding.

Graduate/Pro Child Care Assistance and Other Services

Graduate Student Services

Look here for information regarding child care assistance funding and services for graduate and professional students.

Parents As Students (Undergraduate) Support Group

Parent As Students Support Group

The Parents As Students Support (PASS) group helps student parents connect, develop support networks, and build community.

Family Friendly Events & Activities

Events & Activities

The Student Parent Help Center organizes family friendly events and activities for Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Teen Parent Outreach Program

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We offer teen parent presentations at local high schools, alternative programs, and community organizations.